Why This Blog?

After reading a daily meditation that challenged people to express their thankfulness throughout the year, not just during the month of November, I chose to start a daily “thankful” post on Facebook. A few people asked why Facebook? Why publicly? To me the answer was simple. I am naturally optimistic and I believe it is important to find the lesson or the blessing in all situations. But I realize not all people are able to see the good in situations that are difficult. My hope was to shed some light on the good things that might go overlooked in this crazy busy world we all are sharing. 

After several months friends began commenting on the posts and sharing with me how much the posts meant to them. As I closed in on the last few months of the “year of thanks” friends that had been following the posts were asking me to continue. As a result I started a separate Facebook page called 365 Days and Counting  with the intention of eventually starting a blog. At this time the daily posts are giving me a chance to find out what people like and what people react to. In the first 40 days I have gained 176 followers. 

As I considered whether to start a blog I spoke to several old friends. One of those friends and I have wanted to write together for many years. We finally decided THIS would be our writing project. We hope to create conversations based on topics that are important to us and hopefully important to those that choose to read the blog. 



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