It is a Loss For All of Us….

Britney and Crystal were a couple. They were young. Crystal had a 5 year old daughter. One of them was a security guard and one of them worked at Starbucks. Did I mention they were young? They had an entire lifetime ahead of them. They may or may not have spent that lifetime together….but they deserved a chance to live their lives and either make it as a couple or not. They did not deserve to die. 

I will admit I know few details about the murder of these 2 women. I did not know the women. All I know is what I have read. They were murdered…it is assumed because they were lesbians. The person currently sitting in a Galveston jail….suspected of killing these young ladies…was actually a person that should have laid his own life down to protect them. The suspect is the father of Britney….yes, the father of Britney is suspected of killing his daughter and her girlfriend. After killing them, he is suspected of transporting their bodies to another city and dumping them. He did not dump them in a lush green pasture or at the base of a rolling hill….no, he dumped them next to a dumpster. 

We know it is a dangerous world. We know there is a lot of hate in the world. We know people don’t like people that are “different.” 
But aren’t we suppose to find comfort, and protection from our family? Aren’t we suppose to feel unconditional love, kindness and acceptance within our family?

It breaks my heart that these 2 young women lost their lives, a little girl lost her mommy and quite possibly the world lost a future CEO, social worker, pilot, teacher…..maybe even a president. Sadly we will never know what greatness these young women were meant to achieve. 

All we know is they were erased from this world because they loved differently…because they were born to walk on a path the murderer did not understand.

Did I mention they were young?

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