When Did That Happen?

I love the Golden Girls. Recently I was reminded of an episode. (please excuse paraphrasing) Dorothy and Blanche are talking about facial wrinkles. Dorothy explains to Blanche, if you bend at the waste and look at the floor your wrinkles are much more obvious. On the other hand, if you lay on your back all of your wrinkles smooth out and your face looks much younger.
Blanche takes a hand mirror, leans back and admires her beauty. Dorothy encourages her to lean forward and look in the mirror. Blanche follows Dorothy’s direction and suddenly screeches…”Oh My God Dorothy you are right!”
Dorothy’s response, “Always on your back Blanche!”

Putting the obvious sexual reference aside….
A few days ago Sonya and I took the dogs for a walk. I started snapping pictures of her and Hershey. Then I flipped the camera to selfie and took pictures of them over my shoulder. I noticed how pretty the sky looked, blue with puffy clouds, so I took a few selfies while looking down at the camera. Oh My God…Dorothy was right!!!

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