You know that noise you hear when the power goes out?

Yes, silence!

If we are home alone and the house is quiet we assume what we are hearing is silence. When in fact what we are hearing is the lack of voices, televisions, radios, etc. We are not hearing silence. Silence is that noise that happens when the power goes off and the white noise is absent.

I experienced silence this past week in a totally natural way. We vacationed in Northern Ontario. Also known as the North woods or the bush. 

One day I hiked up Rock Candy Mountain. When I reach the top I was surrounded by nature and silence. Standing on this massive rock I could see for miles. My view was a blanket of trees, with patches of blue water and a patch work of blue sky and white clouds. A large black raven soared in front of me…I was in his space. 

Silence Rock Candy Mountain

On a different day I paddled the canoe to the other side of the lake and watched the sunset. It seemed as though the sun was sharing its magnificent beauty just with me. The sun and me, surrounded by silence as he slipped out of sight.

sunset Kegos

sunset #2 Kegos

sunset #3 Kegos

Silence….powerful, comforting, soothing…it may lack noise, but it holds much peace.

10 thoughts on “Silence

    1. treerabold Post author

      It truly is….and assuming you are in the Ohio (midwest) area…not terribly far from you. We drove there every summer from Dayton Ohio when I was a child….oh and the wildflowers are magnificent!!

  1. joannesisco

    Silence is that noise that happens when the power goes off … very true words!!! We don’t appreciate how much noise is in our lives until it’s really absent.


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