The Daily Post: Signs #2


An old sign at a busy intersection. The restaurant long gone. It seems to be a good example of how we ignore the past. Look closely at the missing letters…”Family owned since 19_6″

This space, once provided a living for the owners and food for the patrons. It was a place of laughter and clanking plates. It was a place of first dates and birthday parties. It was a place where memories were formed.

But now it is an overgrown street corner. Traffic flies by, trucks, cars, and motorcycles zoom through the traffic light. Those caught at the red light, focus on their phones, or frantically wait for their signal to go.

No one stops to consider what once stood, or whose memories lay abandon in the field.

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7 thoughts on “The Daily Post: Signs #2

  1. Emilio Pasquale

    Love these old signs. There just doesn’t seem to be many around here. They’re quick to demolish or remove anything old in Las Vegas. Old signs, old buildings. But old, retired folk? They always seem to be welcome, which is fortunate, I think! 🙂

    1. treerabold Post author

      Much the same can be said here Emilio. In many parts of town this sign would have been torn down. Sadly this sign is not in the best part of town. For that reason I guess they aren’t in a hurry to clean it up!

      Your comment about old folks being welcome…that made me laugh!

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