My Dog Freckles: Michelle’s Weekly Pet Share

This is my boy Freckles. He found me back in 2003.


I had just lost my dog of 12 years to cancer and made the statement I wouldn’t have another dog unless God sent one to live on my porch. About a week after losing Andi I started noticing this dog running around the neighborhood. He seemed scared of everything. He hid in bushes and ran when people approached. Then one day he ran up to me, as though he had chosen me to be his.

I petted him and fed him, but I didn’t let him in my house or give him any reason to think he had found a home. But he stayed and he attached himself to me.

Freckles toys

At the time I was working at a day habilitation center for adults with developmental disabilities. One of my clients asked if I believed when people or animals died they came back as someone else. I asked her why and she told me she thought Andi had come back as Freckles!

I can honestly say I’m not sure what I believe when it comes to an afterlife….but it certainly seemed like Andi (maybe in cooperation with a supreme being!) had a hand (or paw!) in directing Freckles toward me. I don’t think it really matters why Freckles chose me…I’m just glad he did!!

This post was inspired by Linda Arthur Tejera at Living With My Ancestors. After viewing her submission to Michelle’s Weekly Pet Share I learned she has a cat named Freckles. Her Freckles and my Freckles look absolutely nothing alike…but they are both really cute and really special!!

22 thoughts on “My Dog Freckles: Michelle’s Weekly Pet Share

  1. Linda Arthur Tejera

    I am so in love with that face! Our Freckles may look nothing alike but I bet they’d be good friends! 😀 I firmly believe that when these animals make up their mind they’ve found their place, there is no changing those little minds! And aren’t we the lucky ones for it! LOL! 😆 He’s beautiful. ❤

    1. treerabold Post author

      Thank you Linda! I think you are right about them making up their minds. The first week Freckles chose me my neighbor had to hold him back so i could leave for work. The few times she didn’t Freckles chased my car until I returned home!
      I also think our Freckles would be friends. My Freckles has had several cat friends in his life!

  2. Mary Burris

    I was told the Furry Dogfather sent my Charlie to me in almost the same manner. We had a rescued Beagle (Lady Charlotte of Old Towne) and after her health deteriorated too much, we sent her over the Rainbow Bridge to allow her to run and play again. About 6 months later, my son calls me at work, saying there’s a dog in our back yard. We lived on two acres and only the backyard was fully fenced. How she got in, I don’t know, and she never ‘got out’.

    I made flyers and feebly posted a few; though it was obvious she had adopted us. Our Beagle’s short name was Charlie (Lady Charlotte of Old Towne is a mouthful) and I kept calling the new dog “Charlie” out of habit. Then realized, she doesn’t know it’s a recycled name, and had a loved predecessor.

    And if you don’t think the Furry Dogfather has anything to do with this……..the original Charlie went over the Rainbow Bridge on my son’s birthday and current Charlie adopted us on my birthday. It was meant to be.

  3. Mumsy's Little Chancy Man

    What a sweet face and cute freckled nose. I find it amazing how dogs or cats find us just when we need them. I believe there is in someway divine intervention when that happens. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. thehappyhugger

    Oh I really think Freckles chose you. Thank you for telling us about Freckles and Andi. I must say that I have pondered those same thoughts quite often too. Thank you for your contribution to the weekly pet share 💞

    1. treerabold Post author

      Thank you for providing a place to share happy pet stories!!
      Another thing I haven’t mentioned is that Freckles has “old eyes” as though he has experienced more life then his years!
      Have a great weekend Michelle!

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