365 Days of Photos – Day 47

I spent time in the yard today taking pictures for the Changing Seasons monthly photo challenge. I took several pictures of our metal pink flamingo…yes we are those kind of people.

Tina and I actually realized how well suited we were for each other when our first Christmas rolled around and we both had the same pink flamingo with a santa hat for one of our Christmas decorations!

pink flamingo

9 thoughts on “365 Days of Photos – Day 47

      1. quarksire

        uep…you’d get a kick outa it is a ski flick by a buncha crazy folks in the us of eh … if very entertaining,,,an they have a flamingo like that they take with em all round the werld is funny…da maltese flamingo 🙂

  1. Sue

    We have a softball charity game here every summer called The Pink Flamingo. It’s Flamingo madness for a weekend. You would feel right at home! 🙂


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