The Evil Garden Gnome (Part 2)

With a grunt the old gnome motioned for Johnny to put more wood on the fire.
“Yes sir.” Johnny quickly went about the task.
Despite the stories told by his friends, of gnomes eating children or turning them into toads, the gnomes had treated Johnny well.
But Johnny wanted to go home and there seemed no escape.
Within seconds of being captured by the gardener’s hoe Johnny slipped loose and ran for the door but it was gone. The door at the top of the grassy stairs was gone. There was no way home.
Copyright - Rachel Bjerke

Copyright – Rachel Bjerke

On December 27, 2014 (part 1) of The Evil Garden Gnome was shared on my blog. Several people suggested I extend the story. When I saw today’s photo prompt on Friday Fictioneers I couldn’t help but see Johnny’s story continue!

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