V = Victory

Everyone is a winner at Special Olympics!

Well I came close to being the first “non-winner” at a Special Olympics event.

Sonya and I signed up to play Unified Bocce Ball. Unified sports gives those of us without a disability the opportunity to play a sport with an individual with a disability.
Sonya had played Bocce ball. As a matter of fact she had traveled to Ireland to play in the international Special Olympics Bocce Ball tournament. I had never played Bocce Ball. But how hard could it be? I had played every other type of sports throughout my life….this was like bowling on grass….how hard could it be? (did I already say that?)

About half-way through the tournament it was obvious I was dragging us down. Sonya politely and clearly said to me…”I want a medal!”
I realized I needed to step up my game…and quick!

Fortunately I was able to pull it together and play up to Sonya’s standards. We were able to place third and receive a bronze medal!

Me and Sonya on the winner's podium.

Me and Sonya on the winner’s podium.

The A – Z Challenge will run through April. Each day is a different letter and a different photo…I hope you all enjoy!

14 thoughts on “V = Victory

  1. Helen C

    Congratulation to Sonya and you, Tree! I have no idea what Bocce Ball is… will Google after writing the comment. I am sure Sonya can easily beat me 😉

    1. treerabold Post author

      Apparently she is! I was trying to be so casual….and not get all competitive since it was a Special Olympic event….well she set me straight!!
      We are quite well matched…she is my buddy!!


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