My Thoughts on Marriage Equality

Most of my time here at WordPress has been spent expanding my creativity through photography. But there is another side of me that you all may not have seen. 

I have a Facebook page called 365 Days and Counting. On that page I tend to share my thoughts about what is happening in my world. I try to keep it uplifting and with a positive spin. I use to post daily….but over the last 6 months its become more like weekly. However, with the recent marriage equality ruling….my brain has really been spinning and I seem to have a lot to say right now! I decided I wanted to share some of these thoughts here at Conversations Around the Tree….so here is the post I put up tonight on 365 Days and Counting. 

Apparently not everyone is as happy about marriage equality as I am!
I heard several different news programs today that featured Christian Pastors warning their flocks not to be fooled. One pastor stood in front of his congregation and told them they had to choose between the Bible and the Supreme Court’s decision.
I know most of you are aware that I am a progressive Christian and a lesbian. And I know most of the people that follow this page are supportive and somewhat like-minded. However, I feel the need to try and explain my thoughts on homosexuality being a sin.
The reason I consider myself progressive is mostly because I don’t believe any one religion has THE answer….so no, I don’t think you have to follow Christ in order to “go to heaven.”
However, I am quite traditional in my personal beliefs. I love “high” church….incense, kneeling, Holy Eucharist, and so on. And there was a point in my life that I actually prayed (regularly)….”If this isn’t who I am supposed to be, please help me see that.” Not because I didn’t like myself….but because I wanted to be open to God’s calling for me….whatever that was.
Instead of “seeing” my way to a life of heterosexuality….I found a deeper faith in God and a deeper belief in me being exactly who He made me to be.
Despite what pastors say, as they thump on their Bibles, this life is NOT a choice. Also, homosexuality is NOT a sin.
The sin is in my actions….no different that everyone else. If I am disrespectful to my partner, that is a sin. If I am unfaithful to my partner, that is a sin. If I am hurtful or even abusive to my partner, that is a sin. But loving my partner is NOT a sin. Sharing my life with my partner, is NOT a sin and sharing a bed with my partner is NOT a sin.
God gave me the gift of love and the desire to love someone of the same gender. I believe strongly that God will not punish me for living in a loving and committed relationship. I also don’t believe God will punish the United States for legalizing same-sex marriages.
What I believe God may judge us harshly for is the overwhelming amount of poverty people in our country live with….yet we walk away and judge them as lazy.
I believe God may judge us harshly for starting unjust wars.
I believe God may judge us for our brutality toward animals.
I believe there are many things God may judge this country for….and rightly so….but love isn’t one of them!

23 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Marriage Equality

  1. Emilio Pasquale

    I would love to comment but I find my words lacking, Thankfully, yours were not. I have always felt this way. I’m glad you posted this. Thank you.

  2. EcoCatLady

    If you’ll pardon this armchair Buddhist borrowing a Christian phrase, all I have to say is AMEN!!!

    1. treerabold Post author

      Nothing better than an arm chair Buddhist borrowing a Christian phrase!!
      My favorite quote of Ghandi (I know he wasn’t a buddhist!)
      “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are unlike your Christ!”

      Thanks for commenting!!

  3. gahlearner

    Perfectly stated. I’m not religious, but your words transcend religion, and countries, whether we believe in god(s) or our own conscience.

    1. treerabold Post author

      Thank you Gah! I am pretty sure people without religion can be much kinder and more accepting than those that feel stepping outside the box their pastor said was acceptable will get them damned.
      Its good to know there are people in this world that can think for themselves… 🙂

  4. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Yeeeears ago, I used to be a Christian bible thumper. After many unanswered questions, I became agnostic and now have more of a Wiccan/Pagen/Buddhist viewpoint. I kinda made up my own religion 😉
    I have a problem with a god or person judging another person for what they believe. Why can’t folks just keep their nose out of other folks business? If someone loves someone of the same gender, who cares? It’s not like all heteros now must be homo… It’s allowing people to love who they love. I’m so happy that this long awaited equality is finally here. It sure took long enough.
    I’ll follow Ecocatlady… AMEN!

    1. treerabold Post author

      I agree 100%!
      Bishop Tutu once said…..”God was around a long time before Christianity.”
      His point being….Christians that think they are the only “way to God” are very misguided!!
      I have studied many religions and feel strongly that God cannot be put in a box!!
      I like your combination choice….Wiccan/Pagen/Buddhist!!

      1. Midwestern Plant Girl

        I basically worship the earth and all things on Her. God is in everything to me. Even after I die, I won’t leave Her, I will become another beautiful creature of the earth. I’m pulling for becoming a tree! Maybe an owl! So many fun options 😃

  5. joannesisco

    Tree – like Emilio, I’m kind of at a loss of words. Yet at the same time, my opinions could fill pages.
    Love is love. I have no time for intolerance (ironically, that makes me intolerant, doesn’t it?).
    You’ve expressed it so eloquently. We will be – and should be – judged based on how we treat others, not on who we love ❤

  6. Helen C

    Good morning, Tree. I was busy for a couple of days. I saw your post and made a mental reminder that I would like to come back to comment.
    I don’t know a lot about any religion, but I do know that I have never met any gay/lesbian that I dislike. Years ago, when we visited our daughter, we met a couple who are her good gay friends. At first, we didn’t know how my old fashioned husband would react; we even considered not telling him. Well, it turned out that my husband was so impressed with them that he became a supporter. 😉
    Thanks for sharing your thought.

    1. treerabold Post author

      Thank you for sharing the story of your husband’s acceptance of gays. I honestly believe if more people judged people on their individual interactions instead of stereotypes and prejudice we would have a much more peaceful and loving world!!
      You have such a beautiful heart my friend!

  7. Sue

    Like many of your commenters I am without words other than to say I am very honored and thankful to have a friend like you. I believe we could have many long happy hours talking about faith!! You echo many of the same things I believe. Separated at birth, indeed!


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