365 Days of Photos – Day 184

Saturday morning I did a training walk with my friends from the 3 Day breast cancer walk. The walk leader mapped a route that took us past the traveling art exhibit by Jorge Marin. The exhibit is called “Wings of the City.”

On Day 173 I shared photos of Tina, Sonya and me at the interactive piece of this exhibit.

Here are a few more of Jorge Marin’s pieces.

Jorge Marin

Jorge Marin

Jorge Marin

Jorge Marin

Walking buddies!

Walking buddies!

4 thoughts on “365 Days of Photos – Day 184

  1. Helen C

    Good morning, Tree. Looks like a wonderful exhibition! I particularly like his face expression on the second photo… caring, sincere… I don’t know exactly. That expression really touches me.
    Have a great day!

    1. treerabold Post author

      The second one seemed to be everyone’s favorite. You are in good company!
      There is more to that piece. (If I remember) I’ll post a picture tonight of the entire piece


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