6 thoughts on “365 Days of Photos – Day 251

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    No way! We were just down in soooouthern Illinois recently and saw these guys, green treefrogs. 🐸So cute. Not up north by me. Gotta post coming.

    1. treerabold Post author

      So is Soooouthern Illinois really southern?! 😉
      I mean they still talk like yankees right?!!
      I saw this guy last year during a training walk in Mineral Wells Texas…that is not only Soooouth it is Wesssst!!! 🙂

  2. Sue

    First a fake frog and now a real frog! Great shot. And yes- Soooouthern Illinois is considered the South when you live in Green Bay. Lol. Accents are actually quite different.


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