365 Days of Photos – Day 280

Yesterday we watched the Mass Ascension of balloons at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Today we chased balloons!

We chased them across town….Balloon Chasing

Through neighborhoods….Balloon Chasing

Balloon Chasing

Through the trees….Balloon Chasing

Over hills….Balloon Chasing

Along the mountain range….Balloon Chasing

And my favorite, beyond the cows….Balloon Chasing

We watched them land….Balloon Chasing

We watched them deflate….Balloon Chasing

We watched them work to secure the balloons….Balloon Chasing

And finally, fold the balloons so they could be packed away for the next trip….Balloon Chasing

It was quite the adventure. The excitement of spotting a balloon then racing in its direction in hopes of seeing it land. Of course I had the added excitement of trying to get to the balloons in time to take pictures.

I actually climbed part way out the sunroof, as Tina drove, so I could get pictures….what a blast!

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