365 Days of Photos – Day 285

My lifelong friend Chelley Seibert gave a TED talk today at TED x Dayton 2015.

Chelley Seibert - TED x Dayton 2015

Chelley Seibert – TED x Dayton 2015

She was entertaining, inspiring and encouraging. As a retired police officer Chelley shared her thoughts on how police officers and members of the community can heal much of the hurt that has occurred.

Chelley Seibert

Chelley Seibert

She humanized the police and reminded us that all people that join the force were something else before they chose to put on that uniform. She did not make excuses for poor police behavior, but she did give us a reason to look at the police with different eyes and maybe even with compassion.

TED x Dayton 2015

TED x Dayton 2015

At lunch Chelley and Dayton Officer Jermar Rayford entertained the audience by showing off their dance moves. If the Electric Slide and The Nay Nay don’t help humanize the police force, I’m not sure what could!

Chelley & Officer Jermar Rayford

Chelley & Officer Jermar Rayford

2 thoughts on “365 Days of Photos – Day 285

  1. Helen C

    Thank you, Tree. I would love to watch this video and I will. I have great respect for police offers. I don’t think it’s a job for everyone. I, for one, don’t think I can handle the pressure day after day. For sure, they are better and greater than me. 😉

    1. treerabold Post author

      My friend is a great person and I would trust her with my life. I believe there are good and bad in all fields…and usually more good.
      I will let you know when the online video is ready. She has been told to expect it around December or January.


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