My Friend Tom

Several years ago my friend Tom died…I still miss him.

Today his wife (Thanet) attended our Christmas party at work and participated in the white elephant gift exchange. I was first to select a gift and I happened to pick the gift Thanet brought.

Inside the gift bag was a monkey puppet.IMG_9261.JPG

First I was excited because I got a monkey puppet (Yes…I am a bit unusual!). Then, Thanet told me the monkey had belonged to Tom.

Tom volunteered as a clown at the local children’s hospital. When one of the other clowns retired she gave her “clown tools” to the other clowns. Tom got the monkey puppet.

I decided to name my new monkey puppet after my friend Tom (still deciding on a middle name)


Before Thanet left the office I asked if she was sure she wanted to give “Tom” away. She said that Tom (the monkey and her husband) had brought smiles to many faces and she thought  Tom (the monkey) and I could bring smiles to many more. I think Tom (the monkey) and I have big shoes to fill.

I love my friend Thanet and miss my friend Tom.

6 thoughts on “My Friend Tom

  1. Sue

    Another example of how we are connected to our loved ones, even when we no longer occupy the same physical space. Blessings to you, Tree.


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