They’re Gone

Several months ago I met Curtis and his dog King. They were panhandling at a busy intersection. I stopped and visited with Curtis. Through him I learned about a homeless camp under a local bridge.


Curtis and King

My friends and I started visiting the camp at least once a month. We delivered food, water, blankets, dog food, clothes, etc. We visited and tried to get to know the men and women living under the bridge.



Today I stopped by to drop off some dog food. I made my way down the overgrown path, and realized something seemed different. As I crested the concrete hill I realized the camp was gone. No tents, no mattresses, no make-shift shelters….they were gone. IMG_1441

Over the months I had learned a few names, Rick, Samuel and Chris but little else. Today i realized it is unlikely I will see any of them again. If there was a remote possibility that all of them found jobs, housing and security I would be excited. Sadly I know this isn’t likely. On the far side of the camp I noticed the tree was charred. As I walked closer I realized a large area was charred. fire.jpgAs I tried to process everything I was seeing, or not seeing, I imagine the fire may be what brought the authorities to the camp and what eventually became the demise of the camp family.

I hope some day I will run into some of them. But if I don’t get the chance to see them again…I hope they are well.


12 thoughts on “They’re Gone

  1. It'sKJH

    Your a Great Person Tree and I will PRAY for Not Only You and Your Happy Family but i’ll PRAY that the Camp Families are Doing Good as Well…HUGZ to You My Friend ❤

  2. Emilio Pasquale

    There are so many people like this in different areas of Las Vegas. There is a small park near the onramp to the freeway downtown where they camp out. Last Sunday night we passed by and the place was empty. I wonder….

  3. joannesisco

    Oh Tree! This broke my heart so I can only imagine your reaction!

    In 2008 when the economy crashed and cities like Detroit went from a couple of million to only 700,000 people, I wondered where everyone went. People don’t just disappear.

    Your first photo of the tent city under the bridge was bad enough. To find them all gone is even more disturbing.

    We live in a broken society where some people have SO MUCH and others so little.

    1. treerabold Post author

      You are so right. I shared this story with my youth group today. One of the girls that went with us last month to serve the homeless was visibly shaken when I told them of the fire and disappearance….it is such a sad situation.

      1. treerabold Post author

        No there has been no word. I’m not even sure how to find any information because I didn’t meet them through an organization.
        I just hope i will run into one of them. I work nearby the bridge and frequent the homeless area in our city…so maybe. just maybe!

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