Rough Ride

I haven’t taken a ride on my bike for 2 weeks. First a short vacation….then a conference and rain…interrupted my ride time. So this morning I went for a ride. The plan was to hit 50 miles. I came in at 45.5 miles.

This ride wore me out. Somewhere around 20 miles I questioned if I could come close to 50 miles today. My legs felt heavy and exhausted. I was fighting allergies, and my back wasn’t cooperating.

So you might say…what’s the big deal? Well, the big deal is that I am riding my first 100 mile ride on June 4th and I don’t feel ready. My brain is actually in a fight with itself right now. I’m afraid I won’t be ready, yet I know I will do everything possible to be ready.

So here is where the gratitude comes in….I was able to be outside riding today. I was able to spend time doing something I love. I rode with a friend and enjoyed her company. I am fortunate to be able to ride 45.5 miles….even if I felt worn out and fought a headache…I’m still capable of riding 45.5 miles and I know I will conquer the 100 mile ride in June.

So I complained, whined and did a bit of bellyaching….but I know I am a lucky girl and I appreciate this opportunity to express my gratitude.


13 thoughts on “Rough Ride

  1. Sue

    You will be ready. You have another month yet to ride and prepare, which may not sound like enough time, but it is. Just keep doing what you are doing and ride as much as you can – even short distances help. Today you may have been tired from your boot camps, especially if you have been doing new types of exercises. Or maybe you’re just old…haha. Seriously – you will be fine.

  2. joannesisco

    I’m having similar anxieties about my ride.
    … but I have confidence we’ll get it done. It might not be pretty, but it will be accomplished!!

      1. treerabold Post author

        I remember when I thought I had plenty of time to get ready…and then I didn’t 🙂

        I know you are headed overseas….but I don’t remember where?

      2. treerabold Post author

        Lol!! I remember when you first mentioned this….I forgot details.
        Yes that is A LOT of saddle time!!
        I can’t wait to read about this adventure!
        Although I didn’t manage to keep up with all of your April posts….I know enough to know you made it through. Congratulations!!

      3. joannesisco

        Thanks Tree for your confidence in me, but I actually stopped at the letter W. I knew when I started that I wouldn’t get the last 3 letters, and although I could have faked something, I decided not to. I’m happy I left it where I did 🙂

  3. treerabold Post author

    All I can really say to that is I’m really glad I admitted to not reading all them instead of saying…wow! X,Y and Z were the best writing I’ve ever read! Honesty really is the best policy! 🙂

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