A Better Ride…

Saturday I whined about a frustrating bike ride.

Every Tuesday I do a group ride with people from our local bike shop. Today I almost had myself talked out of riding. I had some serious negative self talk running through my head all day. “I won’t be able to keep up. How am I ever going to ride 100 miles next month? Maybe I’m not strong enough.”

I find it interesting (and frustrating) that I can allow negative thoughts to suffocate the positive ones. The good news is I did not allow the negative thoughts to win. I’ve learned over the years no matter how convinced I am that I am unable to do something…if I persevere it will be ok and I will succeed.

Today I succeeded. I chose the shorter intermediate ride (with ride to and from the shop it equalled 20 miles). I knew it would be helpful to get a good strong ride under my belt (or riding shorts). And I was right. I felt strong and confident in my riding today. This will squash the negative brain waves and increase the positive ones.

I’m sure there are plenty of therapists that would have a field day analyzing my childhood and making  a judgement on where the crazy negativity comes from…however, I’ve decided rather than spend money on therapy I’ll spend money on biking and choose to be grateful for the courage to ride another day.

6 thoughts on “A Better Ride…

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    You are my hero!
    I need to do a bit of work in the ‘Negative Nancy’ department. I didn’t have this problem in my life before, it just snuck up on me recently. Working on it!

    1. treerabold Post author

      Its funny how Negative Nancy can creep up on us without us even noticing…then boom, the b*tch has us in her grasp!! (excuse my profanity…wasn’t sure of a better way to say it) 🙂

      1. Midwestern Plant Girl

        So true!
        I never mind profanity, if it’s used sparingly and correctly. Nancy is a bitch! (Sorry, Nancy’s of the world!)

  2. joannesisco

    I’ve always been a Master at negative self-talk. Sometimes I wonder what I could have achieved if I hadn’t put the brakes on myself SO. MANY. TIMES.
    Now I just keep reminding myself that it’s ok to be afraid, but do it anyway 🙂

    Just remember that even a very difficult ride is still better than sitting at home!

    1. treerabold Post author

      I agree…having the opportunity to be out in the nice weather, enjoying the country side is so much nicer than sitting at home…even if it does involve hills!

      I’m pretty sure i would have started writing much younger in my life if I didn’t “negative talk” myself out of making the effort.
      I do regret that.


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