With Love…

I hang my towel on the right, Tina hangs her towel on the left. That is just the way things started. No one said, “I want the right side.” We simply fell into the routine.
Another routine that started early on in our relationship was replacing each other’s towels and wash cloths with clean ones.
Again, no one mentioned it. Actually we were probably together over a year when I finally said, “I really like this little thing we do.’
When Tina finishes with her shower she places a clean wash cloth on my towel. When i finish with my shower I do the same for her.
It is a silly little thing. But it means so much. When I go into the bathroom and see my towel and wash cloth hanging over the shower door, I know Tina thought about me. I know she took a few seconds out of her day and did something especially for me.

I certainly don’t mean to say this is the only thing Tina does for me. She does so much and supports me through all my crazy ideas (like riding my bike for 100 miles) but there is something about this tiny action. Not only does it mean something to me that she replaces my towels. Each day when I replace her towel and wash cloth I realize I am actively thinking about her and it makes me smile and realize how important she is to me.

I am thankful that Tina is the person I get to spend the rest of my life with. I am also happy to know neither of us will face another shower without a clean towel and wash cloth, placed neatly over the shower door, with love and thoughtfulness!

6 thoughts on “With Love…

  1. Jackie

    You are meant to be together. The lives you had prior just gave you the ability to see and appreciate each other.

  2. joannesisco

    My very sensitive and wise younger son once said while in high school that he preferred to have many ‘small’ moments rather than the occasional ‘big bangs’. I think that same sentiment can be attached here.
    It’s the accumulation of small gestures and kindnesses that make the difference to a relationship rather than the occasional grander ones.
    You are so blessed to have that kind of relationship ❤

  3. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I can get this on so many levels! My hubby and I are like this with notes. We leave them everywhere. Writing on steamy mirrors, texts, notes in his lunch, mowing a heart in the lawn… We are lucky to have awesome relationships with our mates! 🌺💖

    1. treerabold Post author

      Yes we are!
      I’ve always told Tina I want a yard large enough to require a riding mower….now I want one large enough to write TnT in a heart!


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