Puppy Love

It’s not always love at first sight.

Meet Sugar’s new cousin Harlee. She is a 3 month old Yorkie. She joined our family at the beginning of April but Sugar didn’t meet her until yesterday.


The morning started off a bit rough. Sugar has never been around a dog as small as Harlee. I think she had the appearance of a chew toy.DSC_0044

As the day progressed, Harlee became more determined that she could take down this big dog. Every chance she got Harlee lunged toward Sugar, and in response Sugar growled at the puppy. We were all on edge….what if Sugar nipped the puppy? What if she smashed the little thing? We spent the day keeping them at a safe distance…yet close enough to do whatever it is dogs do to become friends.DSC_0074

By the end of the day Sugar and Harlee were licking each other and laying calmly beside each other. Harlee continued to lunge…but now it was out of playful puppy-hood instead of “I am big and tuff…I am not a chew toy!”DSC_0054

Not only am I grateful Sugar didn’t hurt the puppy, I’m also grateful for the new puppy family member and for all the puppy love in this crazy world.

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