The Good Samaritan

I almost didn’t go to church today. But Fortunately it worked out that I was exactly where I needed to be.
Our Pastor, Carol Ann West, preached about the “Good Samaritan,” she talked about who our neighbors are and she talked about the recent events and the loss of life.
For communion we were asked to join other people in our pews who we normally don’t receive communion with and receive the body of Christ together.
At the end of the service the entire congregation held hands and sang “Let There Be Peace On Earth”
It was powerful, meaningful and very much needed today.
Let us all recognize every person as our neighbor and let us also recognize we are all capable of being a Good Samaritan.


Celebration Community Church – Rev. Carol West

4 thoughts on “The Good Samaritan

  1. beckyg1003

    I didn’t go to church today because I have a tendency to feel like an outsider as if there is no where for me to belong or I don’t seem to fit in. I have gone through some hurtfulness related to church experience lately. But your post is just beautiful with a strong and powerful message. Now, I know I should have gone to church anyway just to be closer to Jesus. And I especially love that song, “Let There Be Peace on Earth.” Thank you for sharing your story here.

    1. treerabold Post author

      I’m sorry it took me awhile to respond. Its just been a crazy week.
      I’m really sorry to hear you are having problems with church.
      I know what it feels like not to feel welcome. I hope you find a way to resolve the conflict. Even if it means finding a different church.
      I think there are 2 places we should feel at home….our homes and our churches. Sadly both of these places can be uncomfortable and even unloving…but we have the power to make the necessary changes to bring happiness back into our lives.
      hope you don’t mind me rambling on!!


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