A True Heart

I wrote this and originally posted it onSeptember 10, 2013 (on my Facebook page)….it seems just as appropriate, if not more appropriate today. 

Day 293….I love kids. They still have so much to experience and learn from this crazy world. And they are so curious, adventurous and playful. Today one of my friends (and volunteer for our agency) brought her grandson to our office. Since my office has all of the toys he gravitated in my direction. We spent the next hour or so blowing bubbles, shooting screaming monkeys across the office, playing with “flarp” (yes it does make a farting sound!) and talking about video games. I was also named his protector and was given the power to shoot fire balls from my mouth!! One of my co-workers mentioned how nice it was that Tree had a playmate! (I thought so too!!)
It was a nice break from reality…..a time of play. How awesome it would be if all grown-ups could let down their guard and play. Maybe if our politicians and world leaders got together to play, they could settle arguments via thumb wrestling, or “rock, paper, scissors.”

I can’t help but think our world would be a more peaceful place if we allowed ourselves to get lost in an imaginary place….just for a few minutes everyday. A place of joy and color, dancing and spirit, laughter and song….places of goodness, places that do not allow space for hate or prejudice or judgement….just space for naive happiness!

I am thankful there are still people walking this earth that see the amazement of our world, not the trouble….they are called children!!

2 thoughts on “A True Heart

  1. Joanne Sisco

    Well said, Tree.
    While it is true that children have so much to learn about the world around them, we in turn can learn so much from children – unbound curiosity and wild joyful abandon to name only two 🙂


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