A Healthier Life – part 2

No matter how good something is for us…we seem to migrate back to the unhealthy.

OK…I’m speaking for myself here. I know there are people in this world that manage to eat “right” and live healthy lifestyles without falling off the health train. I am not one of those people. Over the years I have allowed my own rationalization, other people and (to be honest) convenience to lead me astray.
However, there are some unhealthy habits I have never returned to in the last 10 years. For example, I’ve never picked up another cigarette. I haven’t drank a soda in 9 years and for the most part I’ve stayed away from red-meat.
The first couple years of changing my diet I remained faithful to not eating hamburgers, especially fast food. But, if I found myself at a luncheon and the only dish available had beef in it…well I would eat it. I created a theory, If I have good intentions yet the waiter makes a mistake and serves me the “negative” food item…well the calories don’t count! Right?

It is amazing how I can rationalize eating things that I know are not “good for me.” I can decide that one donut couldn’t possibly have that many calories. I mean look at it…it’s so little and innocent. If I eat veggie pizza it will certainly be better for me than meat pizza…I didn’t even get extra cheese.
There are times that knowing I’ve eaten better today than I did in the past will simply have to do. Sometimes that is the best I can do.
When I walk into work and someone dropped donuts off in the kitchen for all to enjoy…I consider it a huge win if I walk on by and don’t give it another thought. So many times I’ve given myself permission to just eat one. Do you know what happens when I “just eat one?” Its a lie…I go back and eat 2, 3, maybe even 4!

I have also faced my challenges with exercise. I love to exercise. I enjoy the energy and the overall positive self image that comes with exercise. But I’ve experienced times that negative self talk tries to convince me to stay on the couch. I’ve also experienced old age. After running for several years I started to develop arthritis in my knees. After a couple minor surgeries on my knees my Orthopedic doctor highly suggested I give up running and look into cycling. I really struggled with that idea. I didn’t think cycling would be challenging enough (by the way it is plenty challenging). I honestly believed the only way I could get a decent workout was through the cardio I experienced when running.

I tried bootcamps, you still have to run. Even though the instructor told me I could do other exercises while my classmates ran, my competitive nature would not agree. So I would run, then I’d be in pain, then I would get depressed and want to give up on all exercise.

This search for a healthy life has certainly been a roller coaster ride. Over the last two years I’ve learned it is possible to be an unhealthy vegetarian…Its true. There are still plenty of “comfort foods” a person can eat as a vegetarian. Trust me, I found them all. It is so much easier to tell myself that big ol’ bowl of broccoli and cheese soup is fine because I’m not eating meat. Well needless to say, with that line of thinking my roller coaster car flew off the tracks.

2 thoughts on “A Healthier Life – part 2

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Congrats on quitting a few of the major no-no’s, smoking, bad diet and being sedentary. They say the last one is the new smoking… of which I can prove 😔 I quit smoking 11 years ago and eat fairly healthy. I’m no vegetarian, tho.
    Where do you find the time to exercise? I feel like I don’t sit at home (aside from blog writing 😉), and do lots of active chores like gardening. I do have a desk job, that I hope to change to a bit more action. I hope that helps!
    My bean pole husband is a plumber and can eat what he wants… I’m so jealous!
    Keep up the good habits! I hope you feel better and are able to do a triathlon soon 😉

    1. treerabold Post author

      I have to prioritize the exercise. Otherwise I’d never find time. Life is busy and hectic and its easy to push it aside.
      It sounds like you are doing a different kind of exercise. Gardening can be quite a workout!!
      I have never been “small” I’m proudly a big boned gal!! Your husband would make me jealous too.
      I’ve learned I will never be “thin” or “petite” but I can be healthy!!
      As for the triathlon….I did a sprint tri last year 🙂 and even though I would love to complete a 1/2 ironman….it will never happen. These old lady knees simply can’t do the running 😦

      Plant girl…you just be the healthiest you – you can be!!


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