An Example of Love…

Yesterday Tina posted the following on Facebook.

“Today, I met the most beautiful and happy baby named Sophie. She is 1 and super friendly. Her mom was talking to Rob and Sonya and explained to them that her baby has Down Syndrome too. The mom was smiling and wiping back tears. It was an awesome interaction and you couldn’t help but smile. We are truly blessed to spend our lives with all 3 of our girls. I know Sophie will bless many lives too!”

People often times will tell Tina and I how lucky they think the girls are to have us. I’m not sure if people realize how blessed we are to have the girls in our lives.

I like to think when young moms, like the one Tina met yesterday, meet Sonya and Robyn or simply observe them in the world, they feel hopeful for the young child with down syndrome that they are raising.

Sonya Robyn

Robyn & Sonya

All 3 of the ladies that live with us bring joy into this world that is unique to them. I can’t imagine what our lives or the planet would be like without them and without their uniqueness.

Every person has something to offer. Every person gives and receives love. Every person leaves their own special imprint on this world. As for Billie, Robyn and Sonya, they have left unique imprints on mine and Tina’s hearts. We will both be forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of their lives.


L – R Billie, Tina, me, Sonya, Robyn

4 thoughts on “An Example of Love…

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    What a lovely post from Tina. Your family photo is precious!
    Love is a two way street.. you get back what you put out 😗
    I feel the best when I’ve just finished volunteering with folks that have their own set of circumstances that make them feel separate from society. When they are engaged in a project, they don’t feel this anymore and are part of a group. Although I’m a bit of a loner normally, I think I get more out of the time I volunteer than the participants in the program!

    1. treerabold Post author

      Sounds like you will get a lot out of the new career path we discussed recently.
      I love your description of “circumstances that make them feel separate from society” that explains so well the folks I work with everyday.
      Thanks for commenting Plant Girl

  2. Joanne Sisco

    I love that photo of all of you, Tree ❤

    I have a friend whose youngest son (now an adult) has Downs Syndrome, and she has said the same thing many times … that Tom was a gift and he has taught them far more about love, joy, and happiness than they could have ever imagined.

    However, I would also like to point out that – generally speaking – people tend to reflect back the manner in which they are treated. That speaks volumes about you and Tina as well 🙂


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