Black & White – Flowers

This week Cee has asked us to share black & white photos of flowers. I have chosen two photos taken recently…a dandelion and a daisy.

Though some may consider a dandelion a weed…I believe weeds are only flowers we don’t like…and I really like dandelions!

BW dandelion


If you enjoy black and white photography, visit Cee’s page.

5 thoughts on “Black & White – Flowers

  1. Rowena

    Great to catch up with you, Tree, after such a long time and the B & W photos are stunning. It is now Autumn here and I guess we’re about to launch into Winter, at least, on an official level. It’s still sunny and warm much of the day.
    I’ve been photographing the Autumn trees lately. We don’t have many where I live but I’ve been on a few trips down to Sydney and immersed myself in them. Thought you might enjoy this one:
    Best wishes,

    1. treerabold Post author

      So good to hear from you Rowena!!
      I’ve had a hard time keeping up with WordPress due to a few other projects I have going. However, I’m working on my return!!
      Thank you for sharing the link. At this moment I am off to bed…but look forward to reading it tomorrow. Talk soon!

      1. Rowena

        I haven’t got out of my PJs yet and it’s 2.00pm. I’m just about to hit the shower before my Mum gets here along with my son. I just needed a quiet day today after a busy weekend. Hey, it’s now Wednesday. It takes me awhile.
        Best wishes & sweet dreams,

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