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F = Fifty Plus Years of Friendship

Chelley and I have known each other since birth. As children we told people we knew each other in the womb…and that we had telephones in our mom’s stomachs and….well you get the point…we had quite a story going!
Chelley and I played with cowboys instead of Barbies. We played for hours in the creek instead of playing house. We rode bikes, played sports and frequently checked the Most Wanted posters in the Post Office then sat on a stoop in our little downtown and watched for the criminals on the wall (yes we did!)
Our split in activities came in 8th grade when Chelley decided volleyball was painful and chose cross country (no I never understood that choice!). She always seemed a natural at running and I couldn’t stand it. During track season she ran the mile and I threw shot put.
When I finally started running (in my 40’s) I dreamed of running with Chelley. But we lived states apart so it didn’t seem like it would happen. Then our 50th birthday came around and we agreed to meet in Louisville KY and run the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon (1/2 marathon). It was a great day and the best way I could ever imagine to celebrate our 50th birthday.
Just shy of 13 miles, we saw our family and friends!

Just shy of 13 miles, we saw our family and friends!

Me and Chelley...Finisher Photo

Me and Chelley…Finisher Photo

We have another friend that we met in middle school. The three of us have remained close throughout our adult lives. All 3 of our birthdays are within a month and a half. So when we lived closer to each other we made a point to meet up and celebrate…even if we had not seen each other for the year…we always picked up right where we left off.

Even though we’ve had the opportunity to visit each other over the years, we have not been able to celebrate our birthdays since I moved to Texas 16 years ago. So it was even more special that Lyn joined us after the half marathon for dinner.
Photo on the cake was taken at our 30th class reunion

Photo on the cake was taken at our 30th class reunion

I know that no matter the distance between us….Lyn, Chelley and I will always share a bond that is impossible to break. And who knows, maybe for our 60th birthdays we’ll climb a mountain!

The A – Z Challenge will run through April. Each day is a different letter and a different photo…I hope you all enjoy!