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365 Days of Photos – Day 354

A few weeks ago I met Curtis and his dog King. They were panhandling at a busy intersection in Fort Worth.
I didn’t have time to stop when I first went through the intersection. But I couldn’t get them off my mind so when I finished the task at hand I returned to find them still there.
I walked across the street and asked Curtis if I could visit with him and take his and King’s picture. IMG_8981.jpg
We walked back across the street and sat by the gas station and talked for awhile.
Curtis told me about the homeless camp he stays in and his “Camp Family.”
He told me how to find the camp and how good the people are that he shares the camp with.IMG_9490.JPG

I told Curtis that I want to make people aware of the homeless problem and I would appreciate being able to post his picture and share a little about him.
I ran into Curtis and King again a few days later. He wasn’t in quite as good of spirits. He told me he was hoping to get enough change to get him and King a hot dog at QT.

Today a group of us took blankets, food, hats, gloves, dog food, etc. to Curtis, King and their friends at the camp.IMG_9486.JPG

I look forward to getting to know Curtis and his “camp family” better.