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No Phone?

We are leaving on vacation today (Mexico) and I am struggling. Not because I am going to enjoy a week in the sun relaxing, visiting and playing…but because I have to remember how to function without a phone. Yep, its the withdraw from technology I am struggling with.

We spent 45 minutes on the phone with AT&T (last night) trying to do things we should have done months ago…(please don’t judge…we know we are procrastinators!) AT&T has this new rule that you can’t get unlimited calls unless you have their cable service…well our cable service is in Tina’s name…we tried getting international for me but found it was still going to be expensive….so to make a really long (45 minutes to be exact) story much much shorter….we’ve decided I will simply not use my phone…..NOT use my phone!! Wow….

Its not really about the phone calls…I don’t care to talk on the phone. Its more about posting on Facebook, playing games, Instagram, WordPress, and texting thoughts that pop into my head to people who might (or might not) care to hear those thoughts….it’s feeling cut off.

Driving to the airport this morning Tina and I talked about how we used to vacation without cell phones. We actually used to function every day, quite well without cell phones. But not anymore. I have checked my “cell phone pocket” multiple times this morning…just to be assured its there.

So my little farm and factories on “Township” will have to wait till I return. My Words with Friends opponents will have to wait longer than usual for me to play my turn. And my cousin (one of 2 people that will play Wordox with me) will also have to put our games on hold.

I know my time will be occupied, I’ve even considered reading a book while we are away, and I know after a few days I will even quit checking my “phone pocket” for the security blanket…wish me luck. And of course wish Tina luck…she will have to deal with my withdraws!!

The Internet

Facebook is a waste of time. People should live in reality instead of on the internet. No one uses their brain anymore…all they use is Google. Comments we often hear about the internet and various locations on the web.

I know Facebook can be a waste of time. I’ve grown more fields of corn only to lose the whole crop the next day because I didn’t water it. I’ve spent 5 minutes taking a “test” only to find out my favorite color was green….when all along I thought it was blue.
I know my brain is going to mush….I can remember my childhood phone number, my childhood friend’s phone number but I can only currently store 3 numbers in my head, my cell, my wife’s cell and my job….no other. My mushy brain is stored in my phone and any information I can’t remember like, “name the detectives on Barney Miller,” well I keep that information on Google!

No matter how silly and wasteful we think the internet is….it is also a wonderful thing!
Thanks to Facebook I have reconnected with family members I haven’t seen for decades and friends I haven’t seen since high school.
Thanks to the internet I have met people that live all over the world and get to experience life in places I may never travel.
Thanks to my phone I will never be without a camera, GPS, entertainment or a way to place a phone call.

Though I occasionally long for “the good old days” I am actually thankful to live in this era of technology.