365 Days of Photos – Day 39

Yesterday I completed the Hot Chocolate 15k. I have not been training to run so I joined a group of friends and we walked. We did run short spurts and that certainly made me miss running. Unfortunately my knees are old and I have some strengthening work to do before I attempt to get back at running.

Blogger Joanne Sisco, of My Life Lived Full, mentioned she expected to see photos of smiling faces at the finish…I certainly couldn’t let her down!

Start of the Hot Chocolate 15k

Start of the Hot Chocolate 15k

There were 12,000 participants.

The finisher cup!

The finisher cup!

The finisher cup contained hot chocolate, marshmallows, Rice Crispy Treats, and more unhealthy things. Unfortunately, 3 weeks ago I committed to a plant based diet that does not include these tasty treats….so I gave away what others would eat and patted myself on the back for sticking to the plan!

And now for the smiling faces…

The finisher photo!

The finisher photo!

Incase you are wondering I am the old girl on the left with the ice pack on my knee!

4 thoughts on “365 Days of Photos – Day 39

  1. Sue

    Nice!! We had a similar 15k here the same day (which I did not participate in) sponsored by the local candy store. Goog for you for taking part and sticking to your plan! I used to run as well, and quit for similar reasons (age, wearing body parts, and in my case- weight gain -boo!). I miss the rush at the end but not the actual running. I walk/jog now, and bike. Love both!

    1. treerabold Post author

      I mostly walk right now. I toss a little jogging in as long as my knees will allow it.
      I was never a runner until my 40s so my running career was short…so I keep hoping I will return to it. My Orthopedist thinks biking is a much better idea!
      I do enjoy biking and invested in a nice road bike recently….there is just something about the accomplishment of finishing a run I miss.


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