365 Days of Photos – Day 103

Back in January, Day 25 of the 365 Days of Photos, I posted photos of an abandoned house in West Texas. Tina and I have been making quite a few trips to West Texas over the last several months to visit with her dad.

One thing about making repeated trips to a place that has few alternative routes is you start to recognize landmarks. This past weekend we realized the abandoned house I had taken photos of 3 months ago had burned to the ground.

burned house

I found it sad to see such a beautiful old house sit abandoned and even worse to see it destroyed by fire. Someone’s memories were in that house. Someone grew up there, someone farmed there and someone shared that space with family and friends. Now it is gone….sad.

burned house

8 thoughts on “365 Days of Photos – Day 103

  1. Sue

    Did you stand near the house and imagine the lives that lived there? Kids running and laughing, people eating breakfast, chores getting done. We can be so dumb sometimes about what really matters. This is a good reminder to focus on leaving a heritage of love and laughter and just living and appreciating our circumstances whatever they are. I think this is why I love history and learning about ancestry so much. People die but we are still all cosmically tied together.

    1. treerabold Post author

      I love the way you think!! Yes…anytime I see abandoned homes, homes that were burned…..I can’t help but imagine the lives that once occupied that space.
      Even though no one lived there any longer…at one time it had been someone’s home and their place of comfort and safety….now it is rubble.


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