L = Llama

Sunday afternoon Tina and I chose to drive home from West Texas using the back roads. As we drove down the endless stretch of road I noticed 3 Llamas out of the corner of my eye.


Do I stop? Do I put the car in reverse and back up the shoulder? Yes and yes!!


These young ladies (honestly I have no idea if they are male or female – but they had beautiful eyelashes) stood and watched me walk to the fence. I slowly approached but avoided getting too close for fear someone would spit at me. Fortunately we had a friendly interaction. They allowed photos and even acted like they were expecting me to stop by and do a photo shoot!


And just in case you remember the post I did about Guard Donkeys you will be happy to learn that llamas are also used as guard llamas for sheep and other small farm animals.

The A – Z Challenge will run through April. Each day is a different letter and a different photo…I hope you all enjoy!

11 thoughts on “L = Llama

  1. firstandfabulous

    Guard llamas. I’m of course. Because who likes being spit at!! 😱
    They are gorgeous and OF COURSE YOU STOP! That’s what bloggers/photographers/artistic ones do. πŸ‘πŸ½

      1. firstandfabulous

        And ‘I’m’ is suppose to be ‘but’. I need to read my responses because auto correction is KILLING ME! And I have no idea what the heck that second emoji is or where I got it. It looks like a dang alien! I must have been half asleep when I typed that. Ugh!

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