Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – #18

This lady stands on a cliff overlooking Basin Spring Park in downtown Eureka Springs Arkansas. She is quite unique and some might even say odd!

I did a little research and according to Roadsideamerica.com her name is Aza of which is short for Adora Zerlina Astra. She is considered the goddess of feminine energy in the cosmos.

Aza - Goddess of Feminine Energy

Aza – Goddess of Feminine Energy

Aza - Adora Zerlina Astra

Aza – Adora Zerlina Astra

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge is a great place to share those “unique” photos we just aren’t sure what else to do with but don’t want to hit the delete button.

12 thoughts on “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – #18

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