11 thoughts on “365 Days of Photos – Day 149

  1. Mabel Kwong

    Lovely BW shot, Tree. I’m guessing that’s some sort of tractor meant to plow the lawn or crops or something similar. Happy summer. Hope it’s not too hot where you’re at 🙂

    1. treerabold Post author

      Yes it’s an old tractor. I’m sure back in its day it plowed fields for crops.
      It has not gotten hot here yet….it will! The excessive rainfall we have experienced has kept the temperatures down.
      You are moving into winter right?

      1. Mabel Kwong

        We are already into winter! Second day in and temperatures in the city have been struggling to hit double digits in Celcius. Not often this happens, so this winter looks like a cold one.

        Hope the temperatures stay the way over there in your town. If it gets too hot, have a cool drink 🙂

      2. treerabold Post author

        I certainly will enjoy cold water when the temperatures get too high.
        And you enjoy a warm drink.
        Here a favorite hot drink is either hot chocolate or hot cider. How about there?

      3. Mabel Kwong

        Everyone here loves drinking coffee, if not tea. Hot chocolate is popular too. I like to make myself a hot cup of Ovaltine on cold nights – that is a malt drink, if you haven’t heard of it.

      4. treerabold Post author

        I have heard of it but haven’t tried it.
        I was an huge coffee drinker until this past January. I managed to break away from the caffeine!!
        Now I will drink a hot herbal decaf tea if I want a warm drink

      5. Mabel Kwong

        Good on you Tree for breaking away from the caffeine! Less dehydrating for the body. Herbal tea is always nice to drink. Been ages since I had some of that 🙂

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