365 Days of Photos – OOPS no photo

Earlier today I decided to do my update for my Mac. This turned out to be a mistake.

Well the mistake happened to be that I didn’t realize once I completed the update I would no longer have iPhoto…I would just have Photos. This meant I would have to wait for all my photos to transfer. That doesn’t seem like a big deal…unless you are like me and wait until it is late in the day to start your daily post.

So, after I panicked and called my Apple Guru and dear friend Billy so he could talk me off the ledge, I was able to relax…but I’m not able to post a photo for tonight. Why? Because it is 11:06PM and the transfer of pictures is at 44% and I have an early day tomorrow.

So off to bed I go. Tomorrow I will post day 149 and day 150.

Good night all!

6 thoughts on “365 Days of Photos – OOPS no photo

  1. joannesisco

    The key word in there for me was ‘panic’. That pretty well sums up most of my encounters with technology. Hope everything comes back exactly the way you expect them to be!

    1. treerabold Post author

      When I woke this morning I checked it out and it appears all my photos have been transferred. I didn’t have time to investigate to much….so we will see tonight.
      My Apple Guru says this program will be better than the old one. But I get comfortable with one program and hate having to start over again learning a new one!!

  2. Sue

    You mean if I update to the new operating software, I won’t have iPhoto? I’m still running on OS 10.6 Snow Leopard. Yikes!

    1. treerabold Post author

      Apparently so….I am now running 10.10.3 Yosemite. The change really stressed me out. Plus I’m having to figure out editing in photos…..urgh!!! Why can’t they let us be? Isn’t it enough that I am over 50 and know how to use a computer?


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