Don’t Let the Day Beat You…

This morning Tina was facing a potentially stressful day….I said to her, “Don’t let the day beat you.”
I thought about that phrase throughout the day and at one point texted it to Tina as a reminder.
I like what those words say.
So often we allow the anger, the stresses, the frustrations…to take over our lives. We let those emotions envelop us and start to control our reactions.
Have you ever felt your day was out of control. Too much to do, not enough time to do it?
A client, a co-worker, a family member treats you poorly or demands one more thing?
So often I forget to breathe. I forget that I get to be in charge. I allow the emotions of my day to take over.
My day doesn’t get to beat me. The negative interactions I experience throughout the day do not get to define my evening. I am worth standing up for myself against the craziness of life and fill my lungs with a refreshing breath and my heart with nothing but joy….I do not have to let my day beat me!

9 thoughts on “Don’t Let the Day Beat You…

  1. pattisj

    Interesting, I wrote a devotional today on this topic. Thanks for confirmation that the message is on target.


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