No More Paper Towels…

I have a bathroom story to tell that has nothing to do with gender or state laws. I was spending some quality time in one of the two stalls when I heard the person that had been in the stall beside me wash her hands (I am always disturbed if I realize someone left the restroom without washing her hands – but I digress.)

The woman pulled a paper towel from the dispenser then allowed a curse word to slip from her mouth. I realized she must have gotten the tail end of the roll and apparently it wasn’t enough to dry her hands.

At that moment I realized how little I care about stuff like that.
No paper towels? I’ll dry my hands on my jeans.
I have on dress pants? I’ll shake them dry.
The thing I found a bit humorous….there was a blowdryer she never bothered to use.

Anyway….my point is, why get upset over something as petty as paper towels? I’m not saying I don’t get frustrated over some pretty silly things, because I do. But I try to recognize there are so many people in this world suffering from horrible diseases, hunger, war, bullying….I think I can dry my hands on my pants.

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