Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Eyes

“If God wants me to have another dog, he’ll send one to live on my porch.” I had just lost my dog “Andi” and a friend was asking if I would be getting another dog.

Andi had been with me for 12 years before developing cancer. I missed her and really had no desire to “replace” her.

A few weeks later this white dog was spotted running around the neighborhood. He seemed afraid, hiding in bushes and running as soon as anyone got close to him. No one was able to catch him. Then one day one of my neighbors caught him and was attempting to pull a large burr from his fur. As this was happening, I walked out on my porch, the white dog broke away from my neighbor and ran straight to me.

We bonded immediately.

Several weeks later I took him to the sheltered workshop where I was employed. One of the clients said to me, “Do you believe when something dies it comes back as something else?”

I responded, “Some people do believe that is what happens.”

With a big smile she said, “We think Freckles is Andi.”

I’m not sure exactly why Freckles chose me and I’m not totally convinced Andi didn’t have a paw in it…but no matter why or how…Freckles has remained faithfully by my side for the past 13 years. And for this I am grateful.img_5966

For her Fun Foto Challenge, Cee has asked us to share photos of “eyes.” They say the eyes are the window to the soul. One of the first things I noticed about Freckles was his eyes. He has the eyes of an old soul. I suspect maybe he has seen more than his 14 years.

14 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Eyes

  1. Rowena

    Tree, my heart melted reading this story. How beautiful and I love that sense of serendipity, meant to be or God’s hand stepping in.
    I had a similar moment yesterday afternoon. My daughter had a serious mix up with her train after school and the trains were running late and all over the shop and she baulked and was at the station near her school until 5.00 by the time we started getting things sorted. I had 40 minutes to wait for the train and met a women at the station and we were both looking at getting a coffee while we waited so I suggested we have a coffee together. I’ve never done that before but off we went and the more we talked, the more we had in common and our lives as kids and teenagers almost crossed paths but not quite. It blew us away and we’re going to keep in touch.
    I really felt such a strong sense that this was meant to be…a touch from God. Quite amazing. I don’t met people I connect with like this everyday.
    Anyway, loved your story.
    xx Rowena

    1. treerabold Post author

      Your story is also amazing! It really is a smaller world than we think it is.
      Thank you so much for the re-post. That means a lot to me that you thought enough of my post to share it.


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