Thursday Doors – A Sign of the Times

I’ve always wanted to participate in Thursday Doors hosted by Norm Frampton (Norm 2.0) But for some reason Thursday always seems to sneak by me and no door is posted.

Last week I was driving through Downtown Fort Worth and decided to stop and take pictures of the doors at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. I was excited about the idea of photographing church doors. I love the architecture of old churches.


Unfortunately as I started taking photos of the doors I couldn’t help but be annoyed with the “no handguns permitted” sign posted at the two outer doors…making it very difficult to get decent photos.img_6696

Don’t get me wrong…I am a pacifist and I am pretty sure church is NOT a place where guns need to be carried. But I live in Texas. I live in a state that is very proud of its “open carry” laws and if you are a church and you don’t want gun toting parishioners sitting in your pews…then you need to be very clear about that.

I just wish they had chosen a way to get their point across…Without interfering with my photo!

I hope everyone will visit Norm’s page and click on the blue frog…you’ll enjoy all the doors.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – A Sign of the Times

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I think your crop took care of the sign 😉 It is a beautiful door!
    As I live in the last state to allow concealed carry, I feel if the gov says I can… welp, then I’m gonna. We can’t open carry yet. Would anyone in the church (or anywhere else I go) know I’m packing? Nope! Well, unless some fool decides they want to shoot the place (or me) up. I’m a peaceful girl (even capture bugs live inside for outside release), until someone tries to hurt me.
    My bumper sticker reads:
    Better a gun in hand, than a cop on the phone.

  2. Joanne Sisco

    I love the ornate hardware on the door. Usually this kind of hardware is black, so it’s really different to see it in a gold tone.

    … and you already know my feelings about guns 😦

  3. Norm 2.0

    Welcome to Thursday Doors! This was a wonderful find, as Church doors often are.
    I really love the decorative pattern of the hinge straps and the gold color of the hardware.
    The sign complements the shot nicely. It certainly gives you a feel for the place and sadly, it is a sign of the times.


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