12 thoughts on “The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Bridge

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      1. Midwestern Plant Girl

        I’m glad to see you again 😃 Your posts are always fun.
        Things get crazy at times… I’m trying to keep up posting myself (flower pix are kinda easy) but gonna try a job change soon… may take some blogging time away. Hopefully not!

      2. treerabold Post author

        You aren’t getting out of the plant business are you?
        Flower pics may be easy…but your posts are always full of information

      3. Midwestern Plant Girl

        Thanks, Tree! 😊
        I get stagnant when at a job too long. Been at current location for 6.5 years… that’s long for me.
        My two thoughts were writing or trying to get into horticultural therapy. The latter, I’d have to take a few classes that happen during the day, hard to do while working. Its such a new field, I may need to even start my own company. I feel like helping people would give me a warm fuzzy feeling… I’d expect you know what I’m saying 😉

      4. treerabold Post author

        My boss is good at changing my job up every couple years to keep me from getting bored! Different responsibilities, challenging clients etc.
        tell me about horticultural therapy …sounds interesting.
        Warm and fuzzy is always good! 🙂

      5. Midwestern Plant Girl

        That’s a smart boss! 🤓 That would help me, however my company now is too small for that.
        I think you’d love hort therapy! In short, I’d use gardening to help folks rehab from accidents, or to help disabled or elderly be able to garden with raised beds that wheelchairs can get to… design gardens that folks that have a sense missing, like texture, smell and sound for the blind. Hospitals are realizing that folks heal faster when able to see or visit a garden. They are also the one’s hiring a person like me. To either design or work with the people in the garden.
        I’m just so over the stupid priorities of the 1%… They bitch about the tone of green in their lawn. “I want a Kelly green, not a lime green” 😲😦😩
        I think I’ll pop a post out about it…
        Enjoy your day!

      6. treerabold Post author

        You are right…I would love this!!
        I volunteered at a daycare/day camp in San Antonio a few years ago and learned they had lots of plants in the small child play areas….and every plant was edible. I thought that was very proactive.

        I can’t wait to find out what you do…I’m sure horticultural therapy has to be more rewarding than matching grass greens for rich folks!

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