Thursday Doors – Austin TX

I recently ate at this restaurant in Austin Texas. Last week I posted the Restaurant’s sign on Cee’s Black & White Challenge.DSC_0009

As the door may indicate, it’s a funky little place – much like Austin. The restaurant caters to vegetarians and vegans.  DSC_0010

So, if you are ever in Austin Texas and happen to be a vegetarian or vegan, or someone that enjoys good food, head to the south side of the city and look for Bouldin Creek Cafe.

And…if you enjoy doors…look up Norm 2.0

5 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Austin TX

      1. sustainabilitea

        The link you posted for Thursday Doors took me to the place to write a new post. I just took your website information, copied it, put it in, and found the post that way.

  1. Mabel Kwong

    What an interesting front door. As Janet said, it looks busy and maybe it’s busy on the inside too. I’ve always liked vegan food, always made with a lot of thought 😊


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