Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Things Made of Wood

As a child we vacationed in Northern Ontario every summer. One of the two places we stayed was called Kegos Camp. As an adult I’ve continued making the journey back to Kegos Camp.

A few years ago Tina and I were staying at Kegos. We decided to go into town for the day and visited a lovely souvenir shop called The Round Barn. I immediately noticed several sets of oars leaning against the barn. All of them were stamped with Kegos. I was excited to realize they were the old oars we used as children. I talked to the owner and bought one of the oars to take back to Texas.

When we returned to the camp my friend Mike, the owner of Kegos gave me a hard time for buying the oar. Apparently he had taken the oars to the dump and the owner of the Round Barn found them and sold them. Mike and I still laugh about this and he still says…”all you had to do was ask me…I would have given you one for free.”

So, I’ve decided to submit a photo of this old wooden oar for Cee’s B&W challenge; Things Made of Wood. It now hangs on my back fence…which is also made of wood!Kegos oar

I hope you like the story and I hope you visit Cee’s page to see the other submissions to her B&W challenge this week.

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