A Daily Choice…

Each day we get to choose how we want to live our life.
Many of you know that several years ago Tina and I quit eating meat, dairy, eggs. We have stepped on and off the path several times.
The one consistency has been no meat.
I personally have struggled with keeping cheese out of my diet.
Before I go any further…I’d like to explain…for me this has mostly stemmed from the treatment of animals. And even though milk, cheese and other dairy products seem pretty passive…they truly aren’t. But my job here is to share my thoughts, struggles and epiphanies….not to preach about animal rights. However, if you would like to know more about the treatment of dairy cows…go to a site not sponsored by the dairy industry and study up on the issue.
Back to my epiphany!
As I was saying I struggled to keep cheese out of my mouth. If cheese was on a sandwich I would pretend like it didn’t count because I didn’t ask for it.
Then….a few weeks ago I was talking to a friend’s step son who happens to know a lot about plant based diets. I was telling him about my frustration with cheese and how it felt like an addiction.
He confirmed that it truly is an addiction (he explained with a lot of scientific terms that I couldn’t begin to repeat).
Suddenly a light went on in my brain. As a smoker (I quit 11 years ago) I was never able to be a social smoker. I either had to totally quit or smoke 2 packs a day.
If I went 2 weeks without a cigarette (of which only happened twice in 30+ years) and tried to smoke just one cigarette…I would be back smoking 2 packs a day…within 24 hours.
So why isn’t cheese the same? If I want to eliminate cheese from my diet….I need to eliminate cheese. I can’t eat a slice of pizza without the overwhelming desire (aka addiction) kicking back in.
So I quit eating cheese. That day of my conversation with Barry…I quit eating cheese. Each day I take responsibility for what I am putting in my mouth…I make sure I say no to anything with cheese on it.
Guess what has happened as a result…my diet is improving. I am eating more vegetables, I’m avoiding oils, extra salt, etc. I’m eating at home more and avoiding the traps I have fallen into in the past.
There will always be peaks and valleys ahead….but each time I make a conscience decision to skip the cheese, say no to the sugar and pass by the processed food…I feel I’m stepping in the right direction.

5 thoughts on “A Daily Choice…

  1. Linda Hutchison

    Hi Tree!
    Thank you for helping me understand my craving for cheese! I’ve been a vegetarian for decades … finally went vegan three years ago. Someone told me that vegans are simply vegetarians that grew up 😊 I’ve have been reading through your previous posts, find your insight to be inspirational. You always had layers, so wonderful that you have explored them. This, btw, is a blast from your past… so uplifting to find you happy & healthy!!
    Take good care,
    Linda (now residing in Kentucky)

    1. treerabold Post author

      Hello Linda!
      I’m glad you found an answer in the cheese dilemma…I have certainly struggled with it.
      Funny you say I always had layers! Back in the days you knew me…I’m amazed you could see any layer beyond drinking!!
      I was not a very good person back in the day.
      It is wonderful to hear from you. I often wondered if I would. Your name is a bit more common and difficult to google!!
      Thanks for reaching out. Are you on Facebook?

  2. Linda Hutchison

    Hey Tree,
    I’ve wondered how you were doing over the years! Having moved back to the Cincy area, two months ago, was compelled to do a bit more … thankfully, your name is unique.
    Yes, even in those days – layers. And I disagree with your assessment, you always had a genuine heart! You were just young and a little lost. Just like the rest of us!
    Nope, tried Facebook. Found I really didn’t have much in common with people I went to third grade with 😏 The only social media in which I participate is Pinterest. I do lurk on Twitter on occasion.
    If you would like, send me an email & I’ll reply with a phone number… would enjoy catching up!
    Looking forward to your future posts,
    Take care,


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