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365 Days of Photos – Day 338

Did anyone else notice the skip from day 332 to 338?

If not…please just skip ahead to today’s photo…nothing to see here.

If you did…I don’t know what happened! Some how over the last 338 days I lost track of the days. I suspect it was during my vacation last August when I was off the grid for a week and had to do some major catching up. However, I have no desire to go back and look into it. I really don’t! 😉 So lets move onto today’s photo….

We made a quick trip to west Texas (30 hour round trip) to visit Tina’s aunt, uncle and dad. We never seem to have as much time as we would like to spend with the family…but we always enjoy getting to see them even if only for a short time.

It is cotton picking season out west. Miles and miles of cotton fields. I couldn’t resist stopping for a few pictures.DSC_0885