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To Crop or Not to Crop

Earlier today a fellow blogger made a suggestion on one of my posts. This is one of the things I have come to like most about WordPress and this blogging community – the willingness of bloggers to share knowledge.
The suggestion came from Gemma who blogs at First and Fabulous. Her suggestion was to crop out some of the grass in the foreground of the photo I posted March 30th, making the focus the building not the grass.
I am new at this photography thing and I have not learned to focus on cropping (unless it’s a glaring distraction) so it really didn’t dawn on me to crop out the grass.
As suggested by Gemma I went back to the original photo and cropped out most of the grass. I get it!! I see what she was talking about and I’m excited that she was kind enough to share her thoughts.
I see more detail in the reflection and the building is now the main focus.
Thanks Gemma!
TCC cropped