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365 Days of Photos – Day 343

Have you ever driven down a familiar street and suddenly notice something that you have never noticed before?

This is certainly a strange experience…especially when the thing you notice has obviously been around a long time.

Today I was driving through a part of town that I am not terribly familiar with but I do drive through the area once or twice a week. I noticed two old brick smoke stacks that appeared to be sitting in the middle of a wooded area.DSC_0710.JPG

I turned off the first street that appeared to go in the right direction then turned several more times before pulling down a dead end street and finding myself within 100 yards of an old abandoned factory. DSC_0704.JPG

I always feel an urge to explore places like this and at some point I may go back and snoop around a bit. But as for today I had to get back to work. So I took a few photos and found my way back to the main street.DSC_0719.JPG