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Memories of the Garden

I recently saw a post on Facebook that said: “The problem with the world today is that no one snaps green beans with grandma anymore.”

Maybe that’s true. I remember spending many hours each summer snapping beans, and shucking corn.

Both sets of grandparents had large gardens. Many weekends were spent helping them pick vegetables. As payment for the help, our family got a portion of the food. My mom and her mom would spend hot summer days canning every conceivable vegetable that would last our family through the winter months.

The garden memory that brings a smile to my face was picking ears of corn with my grandpa. As we sat in the backyard shucking the corn Nanny would be in the kitchen boiling the water for the corn and preparing the rest of dinner. I’m not sure I’ve tasted a fresher ear of corn.

As a child, I never enjoyed the work. But as an adult I certainly enjoy the memories. There are times when I can feel the clumps of dirt breaking between my fingers. I learned many lessons about family, hard work and the pride a family can experience when they provide for themselves from the soil of their own land.


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K – Keepsake

Recently my mom gave me this quilt made by her mother.

Gertrude Carr

Gertrude Carr

My grandmother lived to be 93 years old. I was very fortunate to share an adult relationship with her and my grandfather (he lived to be 92). They were married for 72 years.

George and Gertrude Carr (boy in front) Joe Carr (baby) Barbara Carr - my mom

George and Gertrude Carr
(boy in front) Joe Carr (baby) Barbara Carr – my mom

The last time I saw my grandma (AKA Nanny) she was is a hospice hospital. I had flown to Ohio to spend time with her and grandpa. While I was there I drove grandpa to hospice so we could visit with Nanny. During our drive each day he would tell me stories of days gone by. He was a wonderful story teller.

During one of those stories he told me about the first time he met Nanny. According to grandpa they were 8years and 10 years and Nanny told her friends, “I am going to marry him.”

That afternoon, during our visit, I asked Nanny if Grandpa’s story was true or if he was just pulling my leg. Even though Nanny was somewhat sedated and not totally alert, she looked at me and said, “He was the cutest boy I ever saw.” Needless to say a few tears formed in my eyes.

I have several keepsakes from each of my grandmothers and with each I have happy memories. However, even without the physical reminders, they will forever live in my heart and in my memories.

Handmade quilt by: Nanny Carr

Handmade quilt by: Nanny Carr

Gertrude Carr 1986

Gertrude Carr 1986

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