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Fun Foto Challenge: Letter Z

This week Cee has challenged us to share photos that have the letter Z or photos of people or animals catching Zzz’s.

I chose animals sleeping because I love taking pictures of my pups sleeping….so I had plenty to choose from.

FHS sleep

After a day at Doggy-Daycare!

Sandye sleep 1

Sandye wants to be held while we play cards…but she never stays awake!

Sandye sleep 2

Sandye, sleeping

Sandye sleep 3

Surprise…Sandye sleeping

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The letter X

This week Cee has asked us to share photos with an “X anywhere in the word or our primary photo subject needs to be shaped like the letter X.”

This railroad sign was spotted in a basement bar in Okemah Oklahoma.RR sign

Relax!Relax 2

For the final photo, I was attempting to take a picture of my puppy…but inadvertently focused on the fencing and the Xpuppy fence

To view how others interpreted this challenge, visit Cee’s page.