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Travel Theme: Laughter

Laughter is so important. I believe it helps me stay relatively sane in a relatively insane world!

The people in this picture are dear friends of mine (I am the gray-headed girl!) We spend many hours together training to walk 60 miles in 3 days. The 3 Day walk is meant to raise money and awareness for┬ábreast cancer. ┬áThese pictures were taken after completing one of our many fund raisers….a pageant for girls and ladies with developmental disabilities. We are always on such a high after that event. This year we ended up at Sundance Square and for some reason we needed a picture of our team “jumping for joy” over the money we had raised.

We quickly learned that 3 of us (over 50) could no longer jump like we did when we were 16. Who knew? We sure didn’t….we were totally shocked! But we didn’t give up and in the process we found people on the periphery quite entertained!

Bees trying to jump

In this photo I am trying to explain to my teammate…if only he’ll put his foot in my hands I can flip him into the air! Needless to say that didn’t happen…but we did laugh!!

Bees flip Corey

Submitted to Where’s My Backpack photo challenge: Laughter