What Makes a Good Photo?

Earlier today I had a conversation with another blogger, Helen C. She was asking for opinions and advice on her firework photos. I realized I had a lot of the same questions. Our conversation also got me excited about going back and looking at the pictures I took on the 4th of July.

I really enjoy the pictures that “look” like I think a firework picture is suppose to look. But I kinda like the mistakes too.

I decided to post a few of the photos I took and ask you all what you think makes a good firework picture? Is it the colors, textures, diversity of shapes? Or is it the originality of the photo?

I think the first three pictures look pretty “typical” and the last two look anything but typical!
I really like the 4th picture….even though it barely looks like a firework was involved in it!






17 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Photo?

  1. Colleen

    I like the 4th one, too; it’s different. Good pictures are in the eye of the beholder. One time a friend, who owned a camera shop and knew a lot about photography, watched me sort thru slides. I was about to throw a slide away because it was out of focus and, I thought, too dark. My friend immediately stopped me and said, “That’s one of your best pictures!”

    It may depend on whether you’re going for artsy, journalistic, moody, or whatever. I like a more realistic-feel like I was there. I like multiple bursts, clarity (in focus), and color; but that’s just me.

  2. Helen C

    What was going on with the 4th photo? I’ve never seen a firework like that. 😉 I like 5th one too. The first 3 look good, of course. My favorite would be 2nd, 3rd and last one 😉
    You didn’t use tripod, did you? In my camera (the one I was using), there is a setting for “night photo” (or something like that). It would continue taking 2 or 3 photos and then somehow combine them into one. I don’t usually use any of those special mode (not sure mode is the right term), but since I didn’t have a tripod, this became the better choice I could have. I took a couple of photos in the program mode (not night mode) and it seemed like night mode was smoother.
    I will come back to check what other bloggers say 😉 THANKS!!!

  3. treerabold Post author

    I have no idea what was happening in picture #4!! I did not use a tripod. The only think I did was turn off the flash and zoom in on the fireworks.
    I am looking forward to hearing what other bloggers have to say. My life as a “photographer” is in its infancy….I have a lot to learn and I am anxious to soak up information!!
    Thanks for having this conversation with me and getting me to look at my photos with a critical eye!

    1. Helen C

      My life as a “photographer” is in its infancy too – maybe 5 or 6 months. That’s why I have asked many questions on my blog. Thanks to all wonderful photographer bloggers, I have learned a lot by reading their blogs. I forgot to say, don’t take my words too seriously since I am still searching for answers. 😉
      I am so glad to have a friend like you. It makes learning a lot of fun (even though I always enjoy learning).

  4. Mabel Kwong

    I really like all of these photos, great job there. I like the fourth one a lot, but I love the second one too. Can definitely see colour in all of them. My fireworks photos tend to turn out like the fourth one. Rarely do I take fireworks photos like the second one. I have so much to learn about photography.

  5. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. .. My art master husband and I argue ALL the time about what is art and what isn’t. He was in the dog haus for a long time when he told me my writing wasn’t really art! 😠
    PS – Love #4

  6. amoralegria

    I like all the pictures too, and agree that which are ‘better’ depends on the context. If you are displaying photos that show classic fireworks, the first 3 are best. But the other two are creative! Maybe have a file called ‘mistakes’ (I have one called ‘unusual pics’) and collect a few, then perhaps put them in a blog post.


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