If My Dog…

Pssst…..It’s me “the dog!”

I recently learned that my mom has been writing about me. She doesn’t know that I know. So this will need to be our secret! OK?

Here’s the thing. I love my mom and I really don’t mind her writing about me (I kinda like being a rock star!) but I think there are some things she has neglected to tell you.

First, I am not just “The Dog.” I have a name and it is Sugar. My whole name is Sugar Cookie, but that can be a mouthful.

I got my name the day my mom and I found each other. I was very skinny and covered with fleas. Mom said she wasn’t going to keep me, she already had too many dogs. But she couldn’t stand to see me in such bad shape so she drove me to the vet and asked them to take care of me.

She told the vet’s office once I was cleaned up and cleared as healthy, she would find me a good home.

The receptionist said I needed a name for the chart. Mom didn’t know what to name me. And since she didn’t plan to keep me, I think she was afraid if she gave me a name I’d be harder to give away! The receptionist said, “She is the same color as a sugar cookie!” So that is what they named me.

Needless to say Mom kept me (how could she resist) and the name stuck!

The other thing about me, that will also be our secret….even though I don’t have thumbs, I can still do a lot of stuff, like type!

Oops! Here comes Mom….I better go!


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